I know I know, I should have said this long before, so unfortunately I have to give up on the Rockbox modifications/builds/themes as I have other things to do and as one of my fans said even if it's not the time it's the interest and that's true, I'm not so interested in it anymore as for mp3 playback there are now phones with huge storage capacities so why take another "kutyuru" (thingy) if you have everything within one, so I almost never use my iPod lately and that's why I didn't care more about the look nor how it works.

I will keep the posts below for archive reasons but please don't use any builds as (I'm almost sure) they wont work at all, but I know there are a lot of discussions and other ports of my themes so here by I grant all usage privileges to anyone who wants it :) so please don't email me to set a copyright notice to the themes and get the rights from the image/picture/wallpaper owners so you can use it, I don't remember from where I got those backgrounds so as I wrote on my posts before if the owners mind they should contact me but they didn't so you are free to use them as I see.

I will now start to work on some other programs (as my free time allows it) for other portable players/phones, Windows Mobile, Android or why not even iPhone depending on what "kutyuru" I have but I'm not really a Mac fan so I wouldn't count on that :), anyways, I settled down a bit now so hopefully I will have some more time for this blog in the future and give some life back to it.