CEdit is the best source editor for windows mobile devices available (correct me if I'm wrong) but unfortunately it is not compatible with the latest windows mobile 6.1 devices. It works just fine but even if you buy the license you won't be able to register it as the registration window won't show up so you are out of luck to use it for more than 15 days.

Now I had a talk with the developer "Tim Kingsbury" who is a very nice guy, he said that unfortunately he has a lot of work on other projects but will try to find a fix for this one too, unfortunately he wasn't able to work on this lately so he kindly refunded my registration fee (which as I told him wasn't necessary so he is a very correct man) but the sad part is that I still can't use the program as it simply won't let me after 15 days so I wrote a little crack that enables to use the program to be used without registration this way you can use it on your Windows Mobile 6.1 device BUT please DON'T ask me for the crack instead please go to the CEdit's page and buy the program so we can motivate "Logical Sky" to update the build for the latest devices and we support them too as it's really a must have program for those who have to do some little codings/fixings while on road, thats for sure!

PS: If you have a working license and you can't use it on your Windows Mobile 6.1 device let me know and if "Logical Sky" approves I may send you the exe file to have it working but lets hope they will fix the problem sooner :)