Ok, I think the most important thing to get it over to here is the Sony Vaio PCG GRT-100 Fan cooler cleaning. It's something that was a great help for others, so I will try to keep this available.

This is a guide of Cleaning the Sony Vaio PCG-GRT100 Fan Cooler:

#1 - Unplug AC/Battery
First unplug AC and Battery to avoid any damage.
#2 - Access the innards
All you need to do to access the innards of this baby, is to unscrew the screw on the left side of the laptop.
#3 - Remove Top Panel (step 1)
You slide the purple panel to your left.
#4 - Remove Top Panel (step 2)
Gently lift the panel. It'll be attached to the laptop's motherboard by a cable so don't pull too hard.
#5 - Remove Keyboard (step 1)
To remove the keyboard, unscrew the screw that the red arrow is pointing to. That keeps the keyboard attached to the body of the laptop.
#6 - Remove Keyboard (step 2)
After that, side the keyboard up and then you can lift the keyboard out of the way.
#7 - Disconnect Keyboard
Disconnect the keyboard by pushing up the white connection.
#8 - Unscrew all screws
Screws marked with red need to be removed so You can access the cooler.
#9 - Remove plate :)
I think this is the keyboard fixing plate, you need to remove it.
#10 - Cooler connections
There are two connections that connects the cooler to the main board.
#11 - Disconnect cooler
Disconnect the cooler by pushing up the white connection.
#12 - Cooler successfully removed
Now You can start to clean the cooler.
#13 - Cleaning Cooler (step 1)
Cleaning the cooler by removing from the house. (Don't forget to clean the house too.)
#14 - Cleaning Cooler (step 2)
Clean up the cooler's place by using a hoover.
#15 - Test it Out
Put/Connect everything back but don't screw tha keyboard back just connect it and then switch on the laptop and see if the coolers are working. (Note that you may need to wait some time to get the coolers started.)
#16 - Finish
Once everything is in place, put the keyboard back, screw it down and put the purple panel back. You're done!

NOTE: Click on the images to enlarge. Please note also if You somehow fry Your laptop, please don't blame me. I'm just providing this information as it is and I'm not taking any legal responsibility for any damage this web page may cause, you know as usually :)