This is what I see all day long, and the days are just passing by without any warning :)

I use Fedora and the new XGL which leaves Mac OS X behind with miles, to install XGL just follow the steps described on the link above, and you can get more info here.

The original background is here ( is down for the moment, so I can't give you a direct link, but search for helv and you will find it) and the flipped one I did is here. Big thanks to Dajno for the wallpaper!

You can get the icons from here, its a mix of the original OSX icons and the nuoveXT, so big thanks to Kiddo & Saki!

Note to icons: there is a directory called OSX/private/applications/usr which should be copied to the root / and overwrite everything if prompted. This is because some of the progrs don't support themeable icons.

The theme is a slightly modified Clearlooks-graphite theme by Lokheed's, which you can get it from here

That's all, enjoy :)