When Novell introduced the new XGL (if I know it right, it was David who did all the hard work on this one) I was amassed by the new look of their upcoming distro, and there was a little thing that I noticed on the gnome panel bar, which was the clock displaying the time and date in custom format, so I decided to make mine the same way :)

So here it is:

I already submitted the patch to the gnome devel list, and maybe it will get into the next major release, but till then you can download the patch here, and to customize your clock edit the gconf key at /apps/panel/applets/clockapplet/prefs/custom_format

For e.g. this is the code for my clock:

<span font_desc="Sans 10" weight="bold">%I:%M <span font_desc="Sans 8" weight="heavy" rise="4000">%p</span><span rise="3000"> </span>%n<span font_desc="Sans 8" foreground="#999999" weight="heavy" ><sup>%a, %d %b '%g</sup></span></span>

To get this to work, you only need to download the latest gnome panel source from here apply the patch and compile it, and that's it.

Enjoy as usually :)