You know what RockBox is don't you? it's the greatest open source firmware available on the net :) yep yep, it just works as it should, and the most important it has a file browser integrated, so its a lot easier to keep your music the way it should be.

So when I first got my iPod 5g (60Gb) to tell you the truth I was surprised how limited the Apple's firmware was, and because I always like to be able to change the things that I use, I installed rockbox on my ipod as soon as possible. There are a lot of themes available for the 5g, but I found a great one on a forum so I decided to port this theme to 5g.

And here it is:

To make everything fit together I had to change some of the rockbox codes, but you can download all the patches below. So these would be the things that you need:

* Download Green5g Theme: Green5g-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz
* Patches: Get the latest patches from here
* Rockbox prebuild binaries (with all the patches applied): rockbox-jbuild-YYYYMMDD-$yourdevice$.tar.gz (IMPORTANT: you will need the latest rockbox daily build and after installing that on you iPod overwrite the files with the ones from my build)
* Download PSD files from here

This theme is a port of the "another .wps wannabe!" theme, I'm not sure who did this theme, but here is the link where I found it: so most of the credits go to GTS-R and I would specially thank him for including the .pds file in the zipped theme it made my work a lot easier!

I hope you will enjoy it as I do, all patches work with today's rockbox cvs (20060617), I will try to keep them updated but for I have a lot of other works there may be problems, so don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help. ps: if I forgot something for e.g. give credits to someone please contact me.

A Note from Matt:
"I was confused on how to properly install, all you have to do is download the theme itself and the modified prebuild binary. The patches are posted strictly for those interested in modifiying them. You can find a .tar opener for Windows called Stuffit. Works well though it's only a trial. -Matt"