It was time, really :) Ok ok, so when I first read about vim 7 I thought this is it, this is exactly what I was waiting for. Till now I used Anjuta for coding, so I had to modify some of the vim default settings so I have a little compatibility between this two editors.

So what did I do? the first thing that I used a lot in Anjuta was the Shift+Arrows to select some texts, I know there is a good one in vim to by using "v", "y", "p" and so on, but in insert mode I need to be able to select a part of the text and with a backspace or del cut it out, you know when you have to delete more lines it is hard to delete them one by one.

Ok, I think it would be better if I wrote a list so here it is:
1: Shift+Arrows to select text in insert mode
2: CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+Y compatibility in insert mode
3: Auto complete mapped to all chars, so when you type a popup menu is shown to select from a word list.
4: Automatic fold method (fold method set to indent), and map Space to open/close folds in normal mode.
5: Enable spell checker by default
6: Map CTRL+Left, CTRL+Right to prev/next buffer in normal mode
7: Map CTRL+N, CTRL+x to new buffer and delete buffer in normal mode
8: Unmap CTRL+Z, I don't really need that

A few screenshots:

That's it, I tried to make things as compatible as possible with vim, so you can use all your standard vim keys.

You can get the plugin code from here: jVim.vim
but don't forget, this is my first attempt to write something like this, so any feedback/addition is more than welcome.

ps: The plugin uses the blackdust color scheme, so you may have to change that, but I'm working on a color scheme too, so maybe next time the plugin will use the color scheme it was made for :)